Steven Gerrard Is Acutely Aware Of The Pitfalls That May Await Top Players

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What Liverpool's former midfielder doesn't reveal gamers is footage of himself in action. Gerrard is acutely aware of the pitfalls that may await top players that turn to the direction and find, to their detriment, the next generation isn't up to their own exalted standards. "If I wish to show them something unnaturally I will always use Liverpool's first team today or somebody else's first team today. Do not get me wrong, if there is something blatantly obvious that occurred to me -- good or bad -- and I thought it would benefit them, then I am not going to hide it from them. It&'s about what is happening tomorrow, not yesterday"

The strategy has paid dividends though Gerrard is wary of early praise. As he points out: "You get nothing at Christmas besides a pat on the back." At least a tap is deserved. "I made a mistake in that match that almost cost us things,"he admits. "I can not tell you. One reason I chose to take this job was that I could make mistakes without getting judged in each newspaper and social networking site." Gerrard's under-19s topped their Uefa Youth League group with five wins out of six matches, cruising in the last 16 with a seven-point edge over Spartak in second. Gerrard says: "I am not one of these academy people who say it's about development and results do not matter. You have got to educate players about winning, about what you have got to do to win and make that attitude and that mindset which encircle the club. You can not say to a player at 18 years old: "It is all about winning today, it was not from seven to 17.; agen sbobet

Of course it's about winning. If you asked me if I wanted to win the league or get two players through the first team, I would say getting the players to the first team. Really I need both." Liverpool's decorated academy graduate considers it's harder for today's generation to succeed as Premier League players. "Clubs are a lot wealthier so can go out and purchase players to get big money," he says. "Ten or 15 years ago you could get through in case you were a good footballer. They are great but can they go into another level so that when they get in, they stay in? The standards are higher than they were all those years ago."

As for his next step, Gerrard will investigate options with Klopp, academy manager Alex Inglethorpe, and many others at the end of the season. "I am not sitting here thinking I have done it for five months to bring the job interviews," he says. "In six months or a year or two years" time, there could be a chance where I believe I am much better prepared than I was five months ago. The MK Dons job, by way of instance, which came up only after I had finished playing, was like a slap in the face. There was no way I was prepared to lead a club or a group. Am I closer to this now?

"I might find a first-team job and get sacked after four or five games. It may put me off for life. I can not predict the future. All I could do is make myself as ready as I could be for all those functions I take down the line. In a year's time, I've three chances and three of them may not be here. I can not sit here and say "Oh no, I just need to work for Liverpool Football Club;. In a perfect, perfect world everybody knows what I need but right now it is not worth considering."


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