Steven Gerrard Works Six Days A Week To Gain The Players' Trust

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It took Steven Gerrard five months to take the end of the time in LA Galaxy was the finish of his 19-year career as a professional footballer. The void won't ever be filled entirely but the dependence continues and must be fulfilled. That's the reason, despite feeling he's aged considerably during six months in charge of Liverpool Under-18s, nothing has doused his ambition to descend to "the madness" of top-notch direction.

The cravings clearly remain in the 37-year-old as he laments the lack of coaching from his Christmas Day routine. "I really miss it," he says, sipping an orange juice on a miserable December afternoon at Liverpool's academy at Kirkby. "It just used to be an hour and I just like Christmas Eve anyway. I would hate it if there was no soccer now for a couple weeks." What's also apparent is that Gerrard's appointment as the under-18s supervisor came without privileges. The job isn't about Liverpool indulging their illustrious former captain, however, with Jürgen Klopp's schooling, ensuring he's the best possible grounding before returning to the spotlight for a supervisor, wherever that might be. It's been a challenging, rewarding debut.

"I am definitely feeling it," Gerrard says. "I've dated about two years in six months. Jürgen's advice once I came back was: 'I just want you to shadow for a brief time because you will need to have a few years of making mistakes, of choosing your team, of decoding strategies. You will need to locate your philosophy, a means of playing, you want to take care of individual problems, you will need to praise individuals, help folks, you will need to feel disappointment and setbacks and then after a year or two you will know if this gig is for you.' He painted a true picture of how it is. agen judi online

"For the past five months, I have felt all of the highs and lows and experienced all of the daily stuff that managers deal with, albeit at youth-team level. It is going to surely prepare me for where I end up. I understand the further I go there is more scrutiny, more focus, more opinions, more criticism, more compliments. For me, it was important to have a flavor of it away from the cameras and experience all these things prior to going in the madness." The most recent chapter in Gerrard's Liverpool career consumes him, the same as the one before. He works six days a week in the academy -- "I needed to show the players my work ethic was correct and get their trust," he explains -- and the requirements have been an eye-opening encounter. Top of this list is, he states: "The hours you need to put in."

That's quite difficult as a trainer. That's been the principal difference. Now after a game I am thinking what went well, what did not go well, what people do I want to work on this week, who do I want to praise, who do I want to talk to, who has been naughty at school? Having to deal with that side of it was quite different for me, not that I was an angel in school, but we've got a man here, Phil Roscoe, that works on the education and welfare side of things and he's brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I'd be lost if I did not have Phil's help and support. The team has been a massive help.

"There's a great deal more to it than you think when you are a player. I've more respect for managers and coaches now even though as a player I always admired those I worked with. Gerrard also oversees the under-19s from the Uefa Youth League where, in both games against Spartak Moscow this season, he had to cope with Liverpool players being racially abused; Bobby Adekanye at Moscow, Rhian Brewster at the return at Prenton Park. "I have had experience in my playing career of team-mates being exposed to this abuse," he says, "but if it's your player and you're leading the team it's really an eye-opener and a learning experience. I care for these children, they're playing for my club, they're playing for my team. I want to show them support and that I will do."


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